Interview with Kathy

  1. 1.  Have you ever felt like you were still just 30?
  2. Yes, I do!  I love the fact that I don’t have to live through those years again, but I have never felt more alive or more purposeful.
2.  Tell us about your family.
As a wife, mother, grandmother, and woman, I enjoy every moment of my life.  I have five wonderful grandchildren – (you knew I would go there first!)  My daughter has three terrific boys  12, 5 or is it 6? and 4,  and one lovely granddaughter, 16.  In my son’s family, a sweet 3-year-old boy, and one lovely granddaughter, 16.

My daughter and her husband  are great blessings in my life.  They are so supportive and loving.  The children are  homeschooled and  her and her husband works in radio.  I tell everyone that she is my heroine!  What a commitment to family.

My son, and his wife are amazing people.  They are world travelers and have education that I only dreamed of being smart enough to attain.  They teach little ones in the public school system and are amazing at it!  Caring for other people’s children without the support of the system is an incredible challenge.  Our teachers deserve our support and respect!  They are outstanding parents.

My husband is my dearest friend.  He and I have enjoyed over thirty-one years of marriage – the second for each of us.  We have traveled most of the fifty United States and have seen many of the wonders in this land.  When it came time to lay aside the corporate world, we moved to the Ozarks.  We love the people, the landscape and the available activity.

3.  What is most important to you?

My faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ and without Him, I know I would not have lived past 40.  Such crazy years before I met Him.  But, he has made the rough places smooth and each day, I count blessings and learn to trust Him more.

4.  What do you engage in to keep young?  I enjoy learning about healthy living.  Recently, I discovered Usana Health Sciences and became an associate.  I enjoy helping others and this has been a real winner.  I have seen people feel better and improve their quality of life.

I also enjoy friends and family.  I am active in church and a Prayer Mountain of the Ozarks’ pray-er and involved in a ministry that encourages encounters with Jesus Christ.

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