Announcing! Join Me in Making Changes and Becoming Financially Free and Healthier in 2013!

It has happened!! I am fully set up and working on my home-based business.  It is truly a joy!  It took a bit longer than I had anticipated, but any time there are major changes, you want it all to be in good working order before you begin and invite others to join you.

If you opt in, you will learn all about the amazing company and products that I represent as well as the amazing business opportunity.  Every product has been thoughtfully crafted and produced.  They support your body systems enabling you to be healthier and have more energy.   I am part of a very large team that has over 60 medical professionals.

I would so enjoy working with my blogging friends.  We are in 18 countries and adding more so even it if we are not in your country yet, we may be soon .  We have many tools to help you as you begin this life changing course and a great team with many resources and all the training you could ever desire!

I commit my cause to God anew and pray that you will become successful, healthy and inspired in 2013!

Here is the link:   Depending on your server, you may need to copy and paste this link.  I will get this fixed.

See you at the top!!


Committing my Cause to God in 2013

When I got the review from WordPress and found out that people in 94 countries have been reading my stories, I was totally blown away.  I want to thank each of you for looking at this blog.  Happy New Year.  I wonder where we will be 2014.  I know for sure, if we don’t start now, we will be looking back and wishing we had.

I found a wonderful Scripture in Job 5:8.  It says “I would seek God and unto God I would commit my cause.”  This year, I am starting a new business venture and it is set to kick off today.  Seeking God, I commit this new venture to Him.

I have spent a lot of money (for me) to develop web pages that will help me and those I select to become successful!!  There are many wonderful tools that I can share with others.

I must confess, I have butterflies, but as with any business, you have to spend money to make money.  Very soon I will post a blog that tells you how you can apply, if you are interested.  While I don’t promise that you will make $1 million, those who will be serious can develop a nice income as a result of their effort.  The amazing tools and support makes success not only possible but highly probable.

I am also part of a group of friends that are committing to live wiser lives this year by eating healthy and normalizing our weight once and for all.  We are starting after New Year’s Day.  Stay tuned for my progress!

Watch for my announcement!!

 “What are you seeking and what cause do you have in 2013?”  Let me know.

Ozark Spring 2012

Creek rapids

Judy and I went for a long leisurely ride in the beautiful Ozarks to capture the 2012  Spring.

We went out to a creek that has favorite summer swimming holes.  It was deep and very cold!  We found many beautiful rocks that the creek had sculpted into interesting shapes.  Our car was a bit heavier after this stop.

We went to photograph our beloved dogwoods and got many wonderful pictures.  I included one that has an old farm disc implement that had rusted.  The dogwoods are pictured above the rusted piece of the past.  I love this!

The following picture has a beautiful dogwood in front of several trees that are wrapped in an old woody vine.  It created interest and we loved the contrast; spring and winter.
Some of the pictures were taken on a winding back road that I call ‘Dogwood Lane’ and every spring, I wait with anticipation for the trees to present us with their floating blossoms.  When I see them, I know that winter has released her hold.  There is this well-kept farm that I enjoy driving past.  The wooden fence gives it definition and frames the beautiful dogwood.

Redbuds grow wild along the highways and cast a purplish hue over the woods in early spring.  I always promise myself that I won’t travel in April because I don’t want to miss this breathtaking show.  They came out early this year and were already beginning to get their green leaves.  They were still grand.

Not all of the beauty is in the flowers.  There are rustic old building that add to the romance.  We stopped here and picked beautiful wild flowers in shades of purple, light blue and gold.  We were jumping across small rivulets of water taking care not to fall in!!

We found this small waterfall to our delight and the sound of the water brought us pleasure. We stayed her for quite a while. There were many little surprises like this that we found and savored.

It came close to the time that we had to consider returning to our lives. So leaving more exploring for another day, we headed for home.

We had our reward – wildflowers for our tables.  We harvested some dogwoods and red buds and brought the outdoors in! It was a glorious day!!   I actually had enough flowers to fill three vases. I took a picture of my favorite – it was dogwoods and redbuds.  I like this picture very much and may frame it so that i remember this day of beauty, friendship, adventure, and fun!!

If You Have a Loved One With Degenerative Neurological Disease, Then Read This About the Ketones in Virgin Coconut Oil!!

First of all, I make no health claims and I am just talking about research about coconut oil available  on-line.  I found an article about the ketones in Coconut Oil.  It is touted by Dr. Mary Newport about the effects it had on her husband’s degenerative neurological disease and I am fascinated.  Her husband had symptoms of Alzheimer’s and mine has the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.   It seems that ketones in Virgin Coconut Oil may allow the of glucose in the neurological centers of the brain to be absorbed.  (At least that is what I think she said.)  Could this be a wonderful health secret for many diseases and symptoms?

Joe and I will be trying this out and following the protocol that Dr Mary Newport describes in her article, ‘What if there were a cure for Alzheimer’s and no one knew.”  Coconut Oil our new favorite food.  She also recommends using coconut milk for cereal and other places you might want to use milk.  So many wonderful ideas.

Other related diseases mentioned in the article include Huntington’s chorea, multiple sclerosis, ALS, type I and type II diabetes, as well as any number of other conditions that involve a defect in transport of glucose into neurons and other cells.   On the video (link follows), she speaks of possible applications for newborns as well.  I hope she is right.

Big Pharma will never pick this up as they cannot patent food.

The links to the information are at the bottom of the page!!

Only use organic Virgin or Expeller Pressed coconut oil.    Quality matters.

I found this cool recipe:

Frozen Chocolate Coconut Fudge

Servings: 4
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Mix together all ingredients. Pour on a piece of unbleached parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Spread out to about 1/4″ thick.

Place fudge in freezer. Let set for about 30 minutes.

Break into pieces and serve or put in container back in freezer until you are ready to serve.

Recipe and picture submitted by Tember, Quakertown, PA

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Saving Daylight Productively in 2012

Our ancestors thought it would be a good idea to save daylight.  It is really not a savings but a reallocation.  We are moving the time from of the daylight hours from early morning to later in the day.  Personally, I think a golfer came up with this idea and when I did my research, this certainly played into it.

Well, so the real question is – “What shall I do in the evening with all that lovely daylight?”

Here are some great ideas: Take a walk. Take a drive in the country (if you can afford the gas.)  Have guests in for a bar-b-Que.  All very good ideas.

But I have a great idea!  I will have a Sensé beautiful science® Spa Party!

This truly fabulous skin-care has groundbreaking, patented self-preserving technology and no added chemical preservatives.  The products stay fresh naturally.  They are gentle and healthy even for the most sensitive skin.  The antioxidant complexes in every product revitalize skin cells, leaving your skin looking younger and more radiant while properly nourishing and rehydrating your cells.

So, I will plan a Spa Party and invite over several friends and introduce them to the feeling of really clean, hydrated skin.  I will set up the table with healthy fruit snacks.  Then we will use the products while we fellowship and catch up on each others lives.    When my guests leave, their skin will be clean and radiant in the beautiful early evening light.

There is nothing quite like a Sense’ facial.  It makes you glow.  Even some Hollywood stars and news anchors swear by the products as they really clean up even the heavy makeup used to look good on the big screen.

Yep!  I think that is a great way to use daylight.

So, here is my question.  “How are you going to use that lovely daylight hour?”

Join me as I lose 20 pounds!

I have had two conferences in  Branson, MO, and one trip to visit my mothers in Omaha, NE, within three weeks.  I didn’t have time to eat properly and I had been quietly gaining about seven pounds since my dramatic weight loss that you can see on my website.  I have stabilized and kept almost all the weight off for over a year and a half.  I still wanted to lose about twenty more pounds and now is the time.

Come along as I undertake this journey.  Take charge of life instead of letting it take charge of us!  I know from my last weight-loss cycle, that I will never again be fat!  Usana Reset / Transform / Maintain program has taught me how to live.  Now I will complete the adventure and you can too!  All of Usana’s food a low glycemic.

Contact me to order the Reset and Nutrimeal shakes and Nutrition Bars.

Monday I jump started my program with Reset, the product from Usana that takes away unhealthy cravings and resets metabolism.  This is not about starvation but is a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie system to help kick carbohydrate cravings and lose the first few pounds toward weight goal.  It is a five-day  program and at the end of the four days, I am full.  I started out at 177.4 pounds on Monday and today (Friday) I am at 173.4.  That is four pounds in just four days.  One good thing about this, is that it is not water loss.  It will actually stay off.

Starting on Saturday, I will go to the Transform phase which means that I will have two Nutrimeal meal replacements two meals a day and one of Usana’s wonderful nutrition bars and one balanced low-glycemic meal.  Nutrimeal is a balanced 250 calorie shake.  It is delicious and comes in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.  I will keep up this routine until the 20 pounds are gone!

I can change the way Nutrimeal tastes by adding flavors.  A friend of mine used root beer flavor and it was amazingly good.  I like to serve the chocolate hot and the vanilla in a decaf coffee base.  Once in a while, I put fruit in it and whirl it in the blender.  Yum!!

Eating is satisfying with the healthy low glycemic meal once a day.  (Learn more about low glycemic eating by clicking on the link.)  Once I hit my goal, I will switch to using the Nutrimeal just once a day and when I am in a hurry.   Already, I feel so much better.Image Detail

Throughout the rest of my life, I will maintain a light exercise program of walking and working out.

Thanksgiving, we will have healthy options.  Breakfast will be a predominately vegetarian casserole with baked eggs.  Dinner will be Steak and Lamb Chops with Cranberry Sauce, asparagus, sweet potato and granny smith apple casserole and fresh greens with fruit selections.  Dessert will be a frozen banana based frozen fruit in a food processor with just a bit of fresh juice.  It looks and tastes like soft serve fruit flavored ice cream but it tastes much better and is ten times healthier!

Then on Friday, I revert back to the Transform phase of the program.  Once we get to our goal weight, we will move on into the Maintain Phase, which is a life-style that we can live with.

So!  Here we go!!  Get up and get moving.   Take a walk with a friend.  Twenty to forty minutes a day and you will feel awesome!!

Keep me posted on your successes and your challenges.  This program is a winner!!

Yikes! 2 Five Day Conferences in a Row!

For the last two weeks, I have been attending very compelling conferences.  There were many things that were said and shown that I didn’t want to miss.  I attended morning and evening meetings and the speakers were articulate and the information that they shared was life changing.

I made it through the first conference with very few issues.  I was a greeter and it was an easy job.  The meeting was small and the interaction was dynamic.  It was life changing.  Even thought I am over 65, I didn’t struggle to stay awake!

2011 Autumn Assembly of Prayer DVD SetThree days later, the second conference began.  The conference was in a huge hotel/convention center that required what seemed like miles of walking.  There were over 3500 in attendance.  This is my annual prayer conference and I look forward to it every year.  I worked a book table which allowed me to interact with some amazing people.  By the third day, I was having trouble staying awake when I sat down.  This was just unacceptable.

So, the question was, what could I do to stay alert and not miss out on this awesome gathering?  I began to carry sleeves of Rev 3 Energy drink from USANA.  It gave me just the boost I needed and at the end of 5 hours, I didn’t crash.

The beauty of USANA’s Rev 3 Energy as compared to others is that it has health benefits.  And  it gives you a boost that carries you through and when you lay down to sleep, you do!!!!

I enjoyed both conferences and have absorbed such great information.  I am grateful for Rev 3.  It is a great energy drink and it is available in either pop-top cans or convenient sleeves that you just add to water.  The sleeves fit easily in pocket, wallet or purse.

Click on my Encore Now USANA  link on the side bar and learn how to order!