Do you remember a favorite old song?

I was thinking about my high school years and some of the wonderful and crazy songs we grew up to.  Life in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s was gentle compared to what kids have today.

Some of the songs that come to mind are:

She Wore An Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.  (Really?)

Wake Up Little Suzi. (For those who don’t remember, they had fallen asleep at the drive-in movie and their reputations were at risk.)

Love Letters in the Sand – Pat Boone sang this and April Love  –  beautiful love songs.

Don’t Be Cruel – Elvis is still famous and did so many – Love Me Tender was a favorite.

Whole Lot of Shakin’ goin’ on -Jerry Lee Lewis rocked this!

It’s All in the Game – (It started out, “Many a tear has to fall, but it’s all in the game.”  It had a haunting tune.)

Great Balls of Fire – (I think I missed the meaning of this at the time.)

Love is a Many Splendored Thing – (The movie title song – I really liked both.)

So – what is my favorite?  I don’t know quite how to choose.  Each of the titles stir a different memory.  We had so few problems.  The biggest decisions included what to wear to school – mostly skirts, sweaters, bobby sox and saddle shoes.  They were good days to be a kid.

My best friend, Linda,  and I loved Mario Lanza and so I have to choose the song we spent hours dreaming to.  He sang “Be My Love” and our dream was that he would sing it at our weddings.  A great memory.  “Be My Love” gets my favorite vote!!

What was your favorite song and your favorite memory of high school?

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