Committing my Cause to God in 2013

When I got the review from WordPress and found out that people in 94 countries have been reading my stories, I was totally blown away.  I want to thank each of you for looking at this blog.  Happy New Year.  I wonder where we will be 2014.  I know for sure, if we don’t start now, we will be looking back and wishing we had.

I found a wonderful Scripture in Job 5:8.  It says “I would seek God and unto God I would commit my cause.”  This year, I am starting a new business venture and it is set to kick off today.  Seeking God, I commit this new venture to Him.

I have spent a lot of money (for me) to develop web pages that will help me and those I select to become successful!!  There are many wonderful tools that I can share with others.

I must confess, I have butterflies, but as with any business, you have to spend money to make money.  Very soon I will post a blog that tells you how you can apply, if you are interested.  While I don’t promise that you will make $1 million, those who will be serious can develop a nice income as a result of their effort.  The amazing tools and support makes success not only possible but highly probable.

I am also part of a group of friends that are committing to live wiser lives this year by eating healthy and normalizing our weight once and for all.  We are starting after New Year’s Day.  Stay tuned for my progress!

Watch for my announcement!!

 “What are you seeking and what cause do you have in 2013?”  Let me know.

Liking Linking!!

Social media is such a paradigm shift for those of us who are over 60.  It is a bewilderment and a puzzle.  Some of us just shut our minds to the possibilities.  But we are living longer and we are living stronger so it is important that we stay current.  Younger people fall into the various aspects of the computer world easily, but it can cause our minds to shut down and our hands to be thrown up in despair.

I challenge you to get involved.  If you are computer challenged, take a class.  If you are getting ‘it’ to some degree, take a blogging class, write a blog and get on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Your grandkids will love it and you will dazzle your more mature friends.

LinkedIn is a site that opens up doors.  Today, advertising is more effective using social media than running a newspaper ad.  Do you have a small business?  Are you working for someone and want to get more customers?  Do you have a ministry that you make known?  Would you like to get a new job? LinkedIn and blogging are two of many social media vehicles that open doors for you.

I would encourage you to take the plunge.  Then continue to study and become more proficient.  You can’t make a mistake.  The computer is very forgiving and if you really mess it up, ask your grandchild to get you back on line.

At times, I still feel lost in blogging class, but I have learned that my mouth is a good way to find out what I am missing – so I ask questions.  I am a 69 year old Grandmother and I am running three blogs and a webpage.  I had worked on a computer in my job before retirement, but I never did anything like this.  I can assure you that I am NOT a techie!  You can do it if I can!

If you would like to know more about me, check me out on LinkedIn.  Kathy Brady Caruso.    Just click on my name and it will take you to the site.  See you there!

Then leave me a message with your thoughts!  Will you give LinkedIn and blogging a try?

Usana Aspirations for 2012 better known as goals!

Love Me the Sports!Am I only one or are there others out there who do not like the word goal.  Goals are what hockey pucks and footballs are directed to make!  When I was full-time in the sales world, I would have goals thrust upon me without any input on my part.  I found a way to sabotage their goal every time.  The month before and the month after, I would knock it out of the park!  I missed out on a lot of cruises with this silly behavior.

So why does the word goal still make me take a deep ragged breath?  I am now able to do what I choose each day without corporate’s help.  So I looked up the definition of the word ‘goal.’  I chose the one that is closest to what the word means in the business world.  It is “the end toward which effort is directed.”  It gave the words aim, aspire and intend as synonyms.  I think I can aspire to do well and aim at a desired end without using the word goal.  My intentions are good!!!

What are my aspirations for 2012?

I aspire to get serious about the Usana business and end the 2011 vacation.Image Detail

I aspire to help people find health, a healthy weight and beautiful skin.

I aspire to develop at least two new customers a month.  (I am “retired!”)

I aspire to getting the office in working order before January.

My aim is to enjoy everyday and every person whether of not they becomes a client.

That list is as detailed as I am willing to get!

Join me as I lose 20 pounds!

I have had two conferences in  Branson, MO, and one trip to visit my mothers in Omaha, NE, within three weeks.  I didn’t have time to eat properly and I had been quietly gaining about seven pounds since my dramatic weight loss that you can see on my website.  I have stabilized and kept almost all the weight off for over a year and a half.  I still wanted to lose about twenty more pounds and now is the time.

Come along as I undertake this journey.  Take charge of life instead of letting it take charge of us!  I know from my last weight-loss cycle, that I will never again be fat!  Usana Reset / Transform / Maintain program has taught me how to live.  Now I will complete the adventure and you can too!  All of Usana’s food a low glycemic.

Contact me to order the Reset and Nutrimeal shakes and Nutrition Bars.

Monday I jump started my program with Reset, the product from Usana that takes away unhealthy cravings and resets metabolism.  This is not about starvation but is a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie system to help kick carbohydrate cravings and lose the first few pounds toward weight goal.  It is a five-day  program and at the end of the four days, I am full.  I started out at 177.4 pounds on Monday and today (Friday) I am at 173.4.  That is four pounds in just four days.  One good thing about this, is that it is not water loss.  It will actually stay off.

Starting on Saturday, I will go to the Transform phase which means that I will have two Nutrimeal meal replacements two meals a day and one of Usana’s wonderful nutrition bars and one balanced low-glycemic meal.  Nutrimeal is a balanced 250 calorie shake.  It is delicious and comes in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.  I will keep up this routine until the 20 pounds are gone!

I can change the way Nutrimeal tastes by adding flavors.  A friend of mine used root beer flavor and it was amazingly good.  I like to serve the chocolate hot and the vanilla in a decaf coffee base.  Once in a while, I put fruit in it and whirl it in the blender.  Yum!!

Eating is satisfying with the healthy low glycemic meal once a day.  (Learn more about low glycemic eating by clicking on the link.)  Once I hit my goal, I will switch to using the Nutrimeal just once a day and when I am in a hurry.   Already, I feel so much better.Image Detail

Throughout the rest of my life, I will maintain a light exercise program of walking and working out.

Thanksgiving, we will have healthy options.  Breakfast will be a predominately vegetarian casserole with baked eggs.  Dinner will be Steak and Lamb Chops with Cranberry Sauce, asparagus, sweet potato and granny smith apple casserole and fresh greens with fruit selections.  Dessert will be a frozen banana based frozen fruit in a food processor with just a bit of fresh juice.  It looks and tastes like soft serve fruit flavored ice cream but it tastes much better and is ten times healthier!

Then on Friday, I revert back to the Transform phase of the program.  Once we get to our goal weight, we will move on into the Maintain Phase, which is a life-style that we can live with.

So!  Here we go!!  Get up and get moving.   Take a walk with a friend.  Twenty to forty minutes a day and you will feel awesome!!

Keep me posted on your successes and your challenges.  This program is a winner!!

Weight Loss with or without Exercise!

I got a call from an old friend that  found me on Facebook.  It was great to speak with her after all these years.  She is very special to me and has a place in my heart that no one else has been able to fill.  I am very glad to hear from her.

She spent time getting re-acquainted with my life through Facebook information and found my Usana website.  She saw that I had lost quite a bit of weight and asked me about it and I told her about the Reset / Transform / Maintain program.

She had surgery on her foot and has been unable to keep in shape by running and as a result had added several unwanted pounds.  But today, the good news is, she is just two pounds away from her goal.

She did it with the Usana shakes and bars for breakfast and lunch followed by a low glycemic evening meal.  She was concerned that it wouldn’t work without exercise – but here is living proof!  She looks awesome!

Low Glycemic eating means keeping your blood sugar in a stable range like the blue dotted line on the chart.  It means that your body doesn’t get a quick pick-me-up followed by a crash!  Our Usana Nutrition products are certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation.  It is eating healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and sprouted grain bread as well as healthy oils like olive oil and virgin coconut oil.  It means that you can eat almost all fruits and vegetables and there is no portion control or calorie counting.  Yes, that is good news, but don’t over do it.  A small portion of meat, chicken or fish at each meal is great.  Great meals can be prepared using foods that are purchased in their original condition.

Processed food, sugar, most breads, high fructose corn syrup, and almost all unpronounceable additives that are designed to keep the food shelf stable and tasting like what it used to before they processed it are not on the program.  Your liver doesn’t know what to do with these concoctions and it is so busy trying to figure it out, it doesn’t have time to keep the real nutrition from turning into fat.  So, let’s be good to our liver and eat healthy.  It is a life style and not a diet!!