Announcing! Join Me in Making Changes and Becoming Financially Free and Healthier in 2013!

It has happened!! I am fully set up and working on my home-based business.  It is truly a joy!  It took a bit longer than I had anticipated, but any time there are major changes, you want it all to be in good working order before you begin and invite others to join you.

If you opt in, you will learn all about the amazing company and products that I represent as well as the amazing business opportunity.  Every product has been thoughtfully crafted and produced.  They support your body systems enabling you to be healthier and have more energy.   I am part of a very large team that has over 60 medical professionals.

I would so enjoy working with my blogging friends.  We are in 18 countries and adding more so even it if we are not in your country yet, we may be soon .  We have many tools to help you as you begin this life changing course and a great team with many resources and all the training you could ever desire!

I commit my cause to God anew and pray that you will become successful, healthy and inspired in 2013!

Here is the link:   Depending on your server, you may need to copy and paste this link.  I will get this fixed.

See you at the top!!


The Top Reason to Grow Old

Growing old makes no sense.  It is unreasonable.  I still feel like I am a happy, healthy thirty year old on the inside – so ‘whatsup’ with the change in the outside?  I look in the mirror and sometimes I see my Mother.  Sometimes, I see just an older version of me.  Sometimes I am shocked by the reflection and step outside of myself and consider the stranger that stares back at me.

Apart from the exterior, there are many things I like about being in my ‘encore’ time of life!  I like the freedom of relationships.  You don’t have to like me.  I know that I will survive your rejection.  I can tell a man of most any age that I love him and it just says, “I love you too.”  There are no innuendos and no concerns that he will suddenly want more than I meant.

I am thankful as I advance in years as not all people grow old and I believe that it affords us wonderful perspective.  .

I have time.  Time to reflect and play.  Time to sit and watch the clouds and feel the heat from the sun on my skin.  Time to listen to nature and to other people.  Time to write – love that!

My grandchildren amaze me with their abilities and thoughts.  My grown children are a source of pride in their accomplishments and character.  They live too far away – or I do.

My true friends are few but I value them and they value me.  We have walked past the ones that were for a season and those who are users.

I can travel if I want, but mostly I love being home and enjoying the peace and quiet companionship of my dear husband.

Everything is more intense.  The things that I have little or no control over seem to be moving at a more rapid pace including political divides, corporations like Monsanto that have high-jacked our food supply and led to the genetic modification of so many things, the patent office that made GMO possible, and so much more.  Our grandchildren have much to deal with and I fear our legacy isn’t a pretty one.  .  I still have a desire to impact things for good.

My husband of thirty-two years is more precious to me every day.  He doesn’t say much but the silence is filled with love.

But the top reason for growing older is the closeness that I feel to my Creator and the love that I feel for everyone I meet.  I used to look at others and judge their clothes, their financial condition and their failures – now I feel an overwhelming love for them and find myself praying for complete strangers.

I am truly free and I love living!

Heart Valentine

I am 32 years into a second marriage and I have found the man of my dreams.  Wonder of wonders, it is my husband!  He is kind, generous, loving, courageous and true.  Now, I want you to know that I didn’t always feel this way, but then, I suppose that is true of any long-term relationship.  The secret to a relationship to being long-term is . . . are you ready?  Drum roll please . . . “Don’t leave!”

Since it is Valentine’s Day, it is a good time to reflect on love

First, I want to look at what true love is not!

  • It is not feelings though they add to the good stuff.  Feelings are fickle and subject to change.
  • It is not sex like the television producers want us to believe – it is a perk in a committed relationship.
  • It is not staying in a relationship where you or your children are being abused or terrorized.
  • It is not being in “love with love” and having unrealistic expectations of another.
  • It is avoiding strife and contention at all costs while not avoiding the issue!

What is true love?

  • First and foremost, it is commitment to not turn and run in the difficult times.
  • It is treating the loved one like you want to be treated.
  • It is using a soft answer when the other is angry.
  • It is serving the other.
  • It is recognizing that this one person is not responsible for meeting all your needs.

I will end with this:

To Joe:  I promise to love you all of our days, To be grateful for who you are and the gentle kindness of your personality, To love you even when I am disappointed, hurt and sad,  To trust you when I don’t understand your thought process, To serve you even when I would rather do something else, To laugh with you and cry with you, To choose to do what you want to do, To understand that you and I are broken and that we don’t complete the broken-ness in each other, To trust the One who created us to fix us.  I promise not to try to fix you.  Thank you for your love and patience with me.  Thank you for not running away in the early days of our marriage.  Thank you for becoming the man of my dreams!

A Quick Way to get into the Christmas Spirit!

A quick way to get into the holiday spirit is to begin to make something for a loved one.  It can be simple – a Christmas card, a unique poem, a craft, a snowflake or special baked goods.  The task itself may not be quick, but the Christmas spirit will rise up inside you.  It will give you joy thinking about the other person as you begin to develop the special item.

This year, I am writing special poems for my grandchildren and then illustrating them.  Now, I want you to know that I am not an artist, but I love to write poetry.  The art is a love gift from my heart.  It is simple but it makes the point

I thought perhaps a quick way to end this post would be with a little poem to EncoreNow readers.


Christmas can get hectic if we try to hard,

Buying and trimming trees and being too involved.

We forget what the season is really all about,

Because there are so many voices crowding it all out..

A little baby that was the Son of God in a manger lay

And that is the reason we have Christmas day

So say Merry Christmas to others that you meet

Remember the reason as you smile at others that you greet!

It is a quick way to feel good inside today

Take the time to settle down and know its all okay

With a cup of cocoa, curl up on in your easy chair

Relax, breathe deep and say a gratful prayer!

The 1st Thanksgiving was 1621 and We are Still Thanking God in the US!

I have many people to thank for my favorite holiday.

I thank God for the Pilgrims because they left comfort and friends to find freedom in a new land.  When they arrived, they began the adventure by thanking God and dedicating the new land to Him.  When they began to get established, they had the first Thanksgiving meal with their new friends, the Indians.

On September 28, 1789, the First Federal Congress passed a resolution that asked president to recommend to the nation a day of thankfulness.  A few days later, President George Washington issued a proclamation establishing Thursday, November 26, 1789, as a “Day of Publick Thanksgivin”.

Sarah Josepha Hale began to campaign to have the president make a proclamation to set aside a day of thanksgiving .  She petitioned five different presidents and found favor with President Abraham Lincoln who made the Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863 setting aside the last Thursday of November.

President Franklin Roosevelt changed the date to the fourth Thursday of November succumbing to pressure to increase the number of shopping days until Christmas.  This caused a great bit of confusion and in 1939, as it seems there may have been two Thanksgiving Day celebrations!  This commotion led to the great congress of the United State on December 26, 1941, in the midst of World War II, to set aside time to pass a law declaring that the holiday would take place on the fourth Thursday of every November.

I thank God that this special holiday exists and that is purpose is to thank our Gracious God and Father for all of the blessings that he has given to each of us. 

In 2011, we are still a free nation!  We still pledge allegiance to the flag as one nation, under God.  We still have “In God we Trust” on our currency.  Our buildings in Washington still proclaim that God is the founder of this nation and that He has a plan and a purpose for it!

I am thankful for this great experiment of the government of the people, by the people and for the people!

What are you thankful for in 2011?

Swept clean and awaiting another Fall!

When I finished mowing/mulching the yard, it looked like a carpet.  I had such a sense of accomplishment.  I had swept it clean.

Then came morning and the rain and wind.  This is what it looked like the day after!!!!

As the old song says, “What a difference a day made!”

All in all, it made me smile.  The leaves are so beautiful and soon enough it will be snow instead of crisp oak leaves.  I would far rather mow leaves than shovel snow.  All in good time!!

So, now, I will put on a jacket and my radio earphones and go out into the brisk autumn air and mulch again until the bounty has passed.

It is interesting to me that the world thinks that supply is limited, but there is always more.  We get stuck thinking that we don’t have enough.  There is more money, more sunshine, more rain, more opportunity, more joy, more peace – it is limitless.   It is only in our minds that we think there is a limit.

When I spent time in the business world, I learned a sales technique.  It was called “Fear of Loss” and it drives people to make decisions.  When you think there is only one job that is right for you, of one house, or one car, then you make quick decisions without a lot of thought.  But I have lived long enough to know that somewhere there is more and I can choose and delight in that provision.

Here at the Pierce Arrow Show in Branson, there is a comedian that pitches the CDs, DVDs and merchandise just before intermission.  When he gets to his DVD, he always tells us that there is a “limited supply, and when that is gone . . . I will go back stage and bring out another limited supply!”

I have started over in business many times at the bottom.  Every time there was enough and more than what I thought I had lost.  At one point in my life, I had over spent and was flat broke.  I sold almost everything I had and moved out-of-state to seek my fortune.  God kept my house from being sold while supernaturally providing for the house payments.  I returned home and slowly, $10 at a time, we paid our way out of debt.  There was enough and ultimately, there was more than enough.

Have you felt like you were at the end and there was no hope?  Think of the leaves and know that the supply is only limited to the season and as it cycles, there will be more than enough the next year.

I invite you to share your thoughts on the economy.