Being Successful in the Face of Fear 101

She came into work early with her heart in her throat.  She had talked to one of her clients last night and things were falling apart.  Anna wanted to put that phone call off.  Her fear must have shown because when her boss walked by, he paused and sat down at her desk.  “What’s up?” he asked.  She grimaced.  “I think that the deal I have been working on is unraveling.”  He looked at her and smiled.  “I know that’s hard.  You have worked hard, but my rule is this, ‘if you have to eat a frog, do it first thing in the morning.’  Then the rest of the day will not have a cloud hanging over it and you can be productive!”  Anna laughed.  She turned to the phone and as she picked it up, she asked her boss for some salt and pepper.

Anna had learned an important lesson.  When we face our fears and do the hard things early in the day, things improve quickly.  The relief of having the difficult call behind her gave her the release to have a day that was highly productive.

Does fear freeze you?  Are you afraid of making cold calls?  Are you afraid that someone is going to tell you no?  Do you have unrealistic expectations?

Truth is that only 5% to 20% of the new activity actually sign up, so a ‘ no’ is just one step closer to the yes that you are seeking.  And here is more good news, all the people you meet and develop a relationship with today are the people who may say ‘yes’ tomorrow or refer someone to you that will rock your world.  ‘

Anyone for frog legs?

What are you afraid to do???  Let’s talk.

2 thoughts on “Being Successful in the Face of Fear 101

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog!
    I enjoyed the post & it is so true. It is much better to face your fears than to let them linger becoming larger in your mind.

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