From Ink Wells to Keyboards – How the Internet Changed my Life in my 60’s!

  • As a kid, I learned penmanship using an ink well and an old ink pen.  We practiced doing circles and lines so that our writing was legible and yes, even pretty.   I enjoyed writing and from an early age wrote poetry and short stories.When I became an adult, I worked in offices that did everything by hand.  We kept record and files and remembered details in our minds.It was in the late 1980’s when I got involved with the computer.  My then boss decided to computerize our company.  I was part of the beta and learned from dos on up.  The good thing about those days is that I had computer support.  Then I retired about twenty years later.When I moved to the Ozarks, I took a job recruiting from home for a company in my home town.  It had many challenges, not the least of which was the lack of computer support.  I no longer had an Admin Assistant to type my interviews and when the computer acted up, I had to figure it out.  As a result, I got up close and personal with the electronic gadget.  Three years later, I really retired and laid the old computer aside and bought a lap-top.

    Since then, I can compute from anywhere and I discovered the wonders of social media.  When I first tried to work with a web-page, I had a friend, Steve, who helped me.  In fact, he led me into this amazing new world by introducing me to the Chief Blogger, Tom McDunn.  Since then I have taken blogging classes and now I manage five blogs, three of which are my own. I have written a blog and a web page for someone else.

    I wake up in the morning with ideas running through my head for a new blog post and can’t wait to get it ‘in the can.’  (Do they say that for blogging?  Maybe I coined a new phrase from the film industry!)

    Are you over fifty and think that this social media thing is too hard for you?   I challenge you to find a class.  Join me in a great adventure!

    Let me know what you think about social media, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Do you blog?


5 thoughts on “From Ink Wells to Keyboards – How the Internet Changed my Life in my 60’s!

  1. Pen and Ink only for Art projects. We used cartridge pens in penmanship class. My relationship with computers is love/hate-moving toward friendly.

  2. It’s interesting to me that folks in our age group even debate the usefulness of the internet. I see it as one of the most effective ways for us to stay connected to the things we love, and to remain active voices on the issues that are important to us. I’ve also been amazed at the number of people I’ve met online who are now real life friends and colleagues.

    I blog and also maintain a website for an organization I belong to in my area. Through the internet, we have helped chapters start in four other states. We also are able to contribute to organizing a national conference run by a sister organization. We support other local organizations in our area by promoting their events and activities, and help with legislative actions to improve laws and policies that affect our community.

    Yeah, the internet rocks!

    • Thank you for your comments. I am in total agreement. I do a lot of blogging and now working with the web pages for the ministry we are involved with. I started blogging classes because I love to write and now, I am busy with computer every day. Keep in touch. Kathy

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