Ozark Spring 2012

Creek rapids

Judy and I went for a long leisurely ride in the beautiful Ozarks to capture the 2012  Spring.

We went out to a creek that has favorite summer swimming holes.  It was deep and very cold!  We found many beautiful rocks that the creek had sculpted into interesting shapes.  Our car was a bit heavier after this stop.

We went to photograph our beloved dogwoods and got many wonderful pictures.  I included one that has an old farm disc implement that had rusted.  The dogwoods are pictured above the rusted piece of the past.  I love this!

The following picture has a beautiful dogwood in front of several trees that are wrapped in an old woody vine.  It created interest and we loved the contrast; spring and winter.
Some of the pictures were taken on a winding back road that I call ‘Dogwood Lane’ and every spring, I wait with anticipation for the trees to present us with their floating blossoms.  When I see them, I know that winter has released her hold.  There is this well-kept farm that I enjoy driving past.  The wooden fence gives it definition and frames the beautiful dogwood.

Redbuds grow wild along the highways and cast a purplish hue over the woods in early spring.  I always promise myself that I won’t travel in April because I don’t want to miss this breathtaking show.  They came out early this year and were already beginning to get their green leaves.  They were still grand.

Not all of the beauty is in the flowers.  There are rustic old building that add to the romance.  We stopped here and picked beautiful wild flowers in shades of purple, light blue and gold.  We were jumping across small rivulets of water taking care not to fall in!!

We found this small waterfall to our delight and the sound of the water brought us pleasure. We stayed her for quite a while. There were many little surprises like this that we found and savored.

It came close to the time that we had to consider returning to our lives. So leaving more exploring for another day, we headed for home.

We had our reward – wildflowers for our tables.  We harvested some dogwoods and red buds and brought the outdoors in! It was a glorious day!!   I actually had enough flowers to fill three vases. I took a picture of my favorite – it was dogwoods and redbuds.  I like this picture very much and may frame it so that i remember this day of beauty, friendship, adventure, and fun!!

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