Saving Daylight Productively in 2012

Our ancestors thought it would be a good idea to save daylight.  It is really not a savings but a reallocation.  We are moving the time from of the daylight hours from early morning to later in the day.  Personally, I think a golfer came up with this idea and when I did my research, this certainly played into it.

Well, so the real question is – “What shall I do in the evening with all that lovely daylight?”

Here are some great ideas: Take a walk. Take a drive in the country (if you can afford the gas.)  Have guests in for a bar-b-Que.  All very good ideas.

But I have a great idea!  I will have a Sensé beautiful science® Spa Party!

This truly fabulous skin-care has groundbreaking, patented self-preserving technology and no added chemical preservatives.  The products stay fresh naturally.  They are gentle and healthy even for the most sensitive skin.  The antioxidant complexes in every product revitalize skin cells, leaving your skin looking younger and more radiant while properly nourishing and rehydrating your cells.

So, I will plan a Spa Party and invite over several friends and introduce them to the feeling of really clean, hydrated skin.  I will set up the table with healthy fruit snacks.  Then we will use the products while we fellowship and catch up on each others lives.    When my guests leave, their skin will be clean and radiant in the beautiful early evening light.

There is nothing quite like a Sense’ facial.  It makes you glow.  Even some Hollywood stars and news anchors swear by the products as they really clean up even the heavy makeup used to look good on the big screen.

Yep!  I think that is a great way to use daylight.

So, here is my question.  “How are you going to use that lovely daylight hour?”

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