Sadie Hawkins Anniversary

In the days when the rules of etiquette didn’t allow women to approach men for dates, Al Capp, the creator of Dogpatch, rescued us by creating a new holiday.  He named it Sadie Hawkins Day.  On this special day, women were allowed to ask the man of their choice on a date or even propose marriage.  We had Sadie Hawkins’ dances and provided ourselves other excuses for disregarding tradition and being bold by approaching our favorite gentleman with the question.

For me the Sadie Hawkins Day, I will never forget, was in 1980.  I had met a kind man who was a lot different than others that I had encountered.  After dating him for two months, I warned him that if he showed up on February 29, I would propose.  Foolishly, he came by for my children and me.  On a beautiful moonlit night, leaving New York C,ity, I proposed to my precious husband.  I asked him if, “he would marry us” meaning marry me and take on the responsibility of my two children who were nine and ten at the time.

Thirty days later, we were married.  This February 29, we will celebrate the eight year anniversary of that fateful night.  On March 30, we will celebrate 32 years of marriage.  Each year we fall more in love.

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