They Said What?

Everyone has an opinion and everyone feels that it is necessary to share it with everyone.  Today, you cannot open up yahoo without finding out what this celebrity said or that politician declared.  Sometimes I wonder why we care.  These are people that we will never meet and often they have more influence than the people that we live with.  Whatsup with that?

Consider the people who give the news – – now those people have opinions.  They talk about a lot of things no one cares about and a few important things that we do.  The weather is always good to know.  An update on the local bad news is obligatory.  Some knowledge of the wars we are engaged in and the status is good.  A brief look at the unending political contest would be a relief.  But for heaven’s sake, who cares about the sex life of some celebrity?

This got me thinking.  Who has an opinion that matters to me?  This was more difficult than figuring out whose opinion didn’t matter.

My husband’s opinions are of great importance to me.  We had a pastor’s wife that said,”If both of you agree in a marriage, one of you is not necessary.”  We are both absolutely essential to one another.  We keep each other examining new concepts and ideas.

I care deeply about what my children are interested in.  They are interesting and engaged adults.  My daughter home schools four children and could win the “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” show with no problem.  She is capable, intelligent, articulate, and a great cook!  My son is a Kindergarten teacher.  He has lived in Taiwan, Croatia and Wisconsin and traveled the world.  He has seen and done things that I only dream of doing.  He has developed his own view of the world that is quite different from mine.  I learn something from him every time I talk to him.

My Mom turned 95 on Christmas Eve and her mind is clear.  She lives seven hours away and wants me to come visit often.  She loves me and cares what I think and that makes it good!  She attacks life with enthusiasm.  She married her second husband at 91 when he was 64!  They will be married four years this February.  She loves life and isn’t afraid to live.

My sister is awesome.  She has always loved me and as the big sister, in our early years, I was often too busy and distracted to notice.  As we have grown older, I have found her to be charming, funny, thoughtful, and not only my sister, but one of my very best friends.  Her opinions are uniquely her own and her mind is sharp and clear.  She has had many challenges in her life and has walked through them with grace.  She is very special.

I have a few friends, some old and some new, with whom I love to share time.  Their insights into the world, the culture, our mutual interests, and discussions about our Lord Jesus are stimulating and challenging.

The question for this week is whose opinion matters to you?  Please reply.

3 thoughts on “They Said What?

  1. that is a tough question, and a good one to ponder

    my sister, because she is intelligent, grounded, and logical, (which, ironically, used to be things that I held against her … apparently I’ve learned to value those things I didn’t understand).

    my youngest son, because he has always had the ability to see things in a fresh and expanded perspective, and has often opened my eyes to things I would have otherwise missed

    my oldest son, because he has a quiet contemplation that is borne from being a professional observer of life, and this provides him with the means to see and hear more than most

    strangers, because sometimes if I allow myself to be open to opposing views, I discover that there is more common ground than I previously recognized, and they give me a chance to grow

    great post, and thanks for laying the groundwork for some reflective thought, and asking us to consider who we are allowing to shape our lives. this was a really interesting piece of writing.

  2. less now as i age, i think about what’s cool, or fashionable, or peer-popular although once that mattered unduly. i do appreciate trusted friends whom i’ve had meaningful experiences with, but more b/c of how they behave to me and others, and less so to what used to be important (charisma, charm, etc).

    i’ve become deeply immersed lately in reading thoughts of admittedly strangers, mostly dead though some living historical figures or common people that have lived and died, that have left behind their legacy and trail of philosophies, actions and kindnesses that helped guide changes to our world for others, and help me guide myself to be a better me and make me stronger to be there for my family, friends and community.

    but at the risk of sounding selfish i have decided…

    my own thinking is MUI IMPORTANTE!

    more than i’ve ever known until a recent and deep reflection upon this very topic. mostly b/c much of my life i’ve let others thinking dictate who and what i am or feel, and robbed myself of knowing when i can say “yeah, i feel like i’m A+” w/o the feedback of an external. in the past especially, my feelings torture my thinking–which is crazy making–learning to separate those, and see when and which thoughts lead to behaviors i am proud of has made me value my higher-level thinking (which often got passed over as i hyper-examined any failures) over that of others.

    as I identify these thought processes which seem to guide me to right paths, and identify those that are just ‘flight or fight’ signals from the cerebellum and brain stem, that ‘ol area of the brain we share with snaky reptilian ancestors, i’ve learned just how important thoughts that are in MY head are to determining how I feel and act.

    that said, it’s funny that i’ve not given my thoughts as much attention as i let others get of it (especially my family–” sorry ’bout that Mom!”).

    i do care greatly what my family thinks although it’s important for me to separate that from how they feel at times, as i am so sensitive. mostly i appreciate how my family BEHAVES towards me, with acceptance and kindess and knowing. those actions leave me with feelings that lead to personal thoughts that bring us closer even in our differences of opinion.

    i mean, ultimately, isn’t our own personal thinking much more powerful than any thinking of another, be it dad, mom, pundit, gossip, co-worker or spouse? in the end no matter how important we make that other’s thoughts we decide what we think, yeah?

    or did i answer the wrong question? ;O)

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