A great job you can do on vacation!!

For many years, I did ‘headhunting’ and when we would vacation, I would look for a pay phone and try to close a deal hundreds of miles away from the office.  While I was good at my job and closed many deals at the office, there was something about being on vacation and trying to get things to come together.  It never worked.  If I made the placement, they would unravel within hours. 

The last few years before I retired, cell phones were becoming popular.  It eased some of the stress and the last few years, I felt more confident.  But the intense nature of the job and the timing of being available at a moments notice made the attempts unsatisfying.  The point of the vacation was to relax and it kept me on edge.

After retirement, I began to sell Usana.  These are the highest quality supplements available according to an independent study of over 1500 companies that manufacture vitamins.  They have a manufacturing facility that was approved this year by the FDC.  They manufacture pharmaceutical grade products.  What’s on the label is in the bottle and is bio-available to the body – which means it absorbs and doesn’t end up in the commode.

That was my commercial . . . now, why do I think I have a job that can be done on vacation?  Usana can be presented to anyone, anywhere.  You carry a small folio that has the catalog and a computer for placing the first order.  After that, they go on autoship and are in charge of changing their own orders.

They have conventions and training all through the year in wonderful destinations that can be tied into a vacation and actually help make the vacation affordable by deducting some of the costs from your taxes.

With some of my up line at the international Usana Convention in Salt Lake City

As a business, it has the best payout in the industry.  My website is http://encorenow.usana.com.  You can read about the impact it has had on my life and my family and fill out a form so that I can contact you.

Would you like to make money, improve your health and be part of a quality organization that cares to make products that are superior to most any in the industry?  Let me know.

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