Tips from Blogging Pros

I am living proof that you don’t have to be young to get involved in social media and blogging.  A 69, I have found this to be a wonderful outlet.  I have always wanted to be a writer and now I get to do it and publish it right away.  I think it is great fun!

Taking a blogging class has really helped me.  In fact, if I hadn’t taken the class, I wouldn’t be blogging!!  It is important to be mentored to learn the basics and then get busy and try – not being afraid to fail.  Chief showed us how to connect to the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  My mentor, the Chief Blogger says these are points are key:

  • Unique content
  • Include images and other visuals
  • Add tags
  • Review and correct several times
  • And the ever popular, “Call to action!”

I have done some research and looked at what some successful bloggers have done.  They have some wonderful and outrageous ideas.  One that really grabbed my attention – and I want to add something similar to my blogs.  It is a bar that has these words that give the reader an ability to click and register their vote.  The bar says “How dare they”  “Hilarious” “I like this” “Umm” and one other that I my G rated site won’t list!  I love the idea that they get to vote.  I would, of course, use different wording, but what a great idea!!

The Pro Blogger site shared a great amount of wonderful information.  He should know as he has over 32,000 followers.  He suggests that we should provide interesting and insightful information beyond the obvious and then ask, “Would I bookmark this article?”  “Did I give enough time and attention to the details.”

Pro flies in the face of the traditional idea that you should blog everyday.  He says that you should find your rhythm so that you continue to put out quality stuff.

Pro Blogger ended with, “If you want to get a lot of attention for your blog, then you need to start ignoring the traditional ways of blogging and embrace some more outrageous, out-of-the-box ideas.”

What ideas do you have for me to improve Encore Now?

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