After Christmas Glow

We spent the holiday with our families.  They are all so important in our lives.

When we had time to sit and talk to our grown children, we realize what awesome people they are.  Now I am not saying that my kids are perfect, but they are fine people.  They definitely have their own ideas and opinions.  Sometimes that is difficult when I think I know something that they have arrived at in a different way.  I am learning to yield to them and most of the time, I keep my mouth shut!!

We can see that they are going through things that we once went through and we would like to save them from the pain but they have to find their own way.  I know that each of them will work it through.  I know this because I did.  My parents didn’t think I would ever make it!  When I was fleeing to New York to get a job and move away from the issues in my life, Dad told me that I was a failure and that by now, I should have gotten it together!  But, within a year, I had met and married my husband and everything in my life has gone up from there.

Christmas reminds me that we all go through our own challenges and our own issues in our own ways.  My children have had many experiences that I can only imagine.  They have proved that they are capable and competent.  They know how to make good choices. 

Christmas was homemade this year.  It meant a lot to me to receive wonderful created gifts that I knew had taken thought and time.  The books that I did for the grandchildren required hours of thinking of them.  I know the things that they did for us, gave them time to think of us as well.  These are real gifts and while they didn’t increase the economy much, the gifts warmed our hearts.

My heart is full this year with the overwhelming love that I feel for my family and the gratitude for each of them.

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