Usana Aspirations for 2012 better known as goals!

Love Me the Sports!Am I only one or are there others out there who do not like the word goal.  Goals are what hockey pucks and footballs are directed to make!  When I was full-time in the sales world, I would have goals thrust upon me without any input on my part.  I found a way to sabotage their goal every time.  The month before and the month after, I would knock it out of the park!  I missed out on a lot of cruises with this silly behavior.

So why does the word goal still make me take a deep ragged breath?  I am now able to do what I choose each day without corporate’s help.  So I looked up the definition of the word ‘goal.’  I chose the one that is closest to what the word means in the business world.  It is “the end toward which effort is directed.”  It gave the words aim, aspire and intend as synonyms.  I think I can aspire to do well and aim at a desired end without using the word goal.  My intentions are good!!!

What are my aspirations for 2012?

I aspire to get serious about the Usana business and end the 2011 vacation.Image Detail

I aspire to help people find health, a healthy weight and beautiful skin.

I aspire to develop at least two new customers a month.  (I am “retired!”)

I aspire to getting the office in working order before January.

My aim is to enjoy everyday and every person whether of not they becomes a client.

That list is as detailed as I am willing to get!

2 thoughts on “Usana Aspirations for 2012 better known as goals!

  1. I knew i liked you the first time I read you…notice how I skipped around ‘goal” topic Tom gave us also…I like enjoy person whether they become a client or not

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