A Quick Way to get into the Christmas Spirit!

A quick way to get into the holiday spirit is to begin to make something for a loved one.  It can be simple – a Christmas card, a unique poem, a craft, a snowflake or special baked goods.  The task itself may not be quick, but the Christmas spirit will rise up inside you.  It will give you joy thinking about the other person as you begin to develop the special item.

This year, I am writing special poems for my grandchildren and then illustrating them.  Now, I want you to know that I am not an artist, but I love to write poetry.  The art is a love gift from my heart.  It is simple but it makes the point

I thought perhaps a quick way to end this post would be with a little poem to EncoreNow readers.


Christmas can get hectic if we try to hard,

Buying and trimming trees and being too involved.

We forget what the season is really all about,

Because there are so many voices crowding it all out..

A little baby that was the Son of God in a manger lay

And that is the reason we have Christmas day

So say Merry Christmas to others that you meet

Remember the reason as you smile at others that you greet!

It is a quick way to feel good inside today

Take the time to settle down and know its all okay

With a cup of cocoa, curl up on in your easy chair

Relax, breathe deep and say a gratful prayer!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Way to get into the Christmas Spirit!

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