Discover my blog!

A true discovery moment was when my friend, Steve helped me put up a website and then introduced me to the Chiefblogger!  This was an adventure I had not counted on.  Blogging has opened up an avenue of expression and fun!  It is a way to talk about healthy living and other issues without anyone talking back or disagreeing with me at the time.  Of course, they are able to comment on my post and that helps me further focus.

I have the full privilege of discovering things that I think and ideas that I had not yet formulated!  It has been pure delight!  Writing has been a desire of my life and as I sharpen my skills, my awareness of the people and activity around me intensifies.

There are so many voices today that processing them into a solid concepts takes discovery.  Often, I am surprised by the direction a post takes.

For me, Blogging is discovering the hidden person of the heart.

2 thoughts on “Discover my blog!

  1. Writing is truly self discovery and one of the hardest processes for me..You seem to be a “natural” all effective artists…I was told writing poetry is one of the most difficult art forms…I love reading and trying to write poetry.

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