Swept clean and awaiting another Fall!

When I finished mowing/mulching the yard, it looked like a carpet.  I had such a sense of accomplishment.  I had swept it clean.

Then came morning and the rain and wind.  This is what it looked like the day after!!!!

As the old song says, “What a difference a day made!”

All in all, it made me smile.  The leaves are so beautiful and soon enough it will be snow instead of crisp oak leaves.  I would far rather mow leaves than shovel snow.  All in good time!!

So, now, I will put on a jacket and my radio earphones and go out into the brisk autumn air and mulch again until the bounty has passed.

It is interesting to me that the world thinks that supply is limited, but there is always more.  We get stuck thinking that we don’t have enough.  There is more money, more sunshine, more rain, more opportunity, more joy, more peace – it is limitless.   It is only in our minds that we think there is a limit.

When I spent time in the business world, I learned a sales technique.  It was called “Fear of Loss” and it drives people to make decisions.  When you think there is only one job that is right for you, of one house, or one car, then you make quick decisions without a lot of thought.  But I have lived long enough to know that somewhere there is more and I can choose and delight in that provision.

Here at the Pierce Arrow Show in Branson, there is a comedian that pitches the CDs, DVDs and merchandise just before intermission.  When he gets to his DVD, he always tells us that there is a “limited supply, and when that is gone . . . I will go back stage and bring out another limited supply!”

I have started over in business many times at the bottom.  Every time there was enough and more than what I thought I had lost.  At one point in my life, I had over spent and was flat broke.  I sold almost everything I had and moved out-of-state to seek my fortune.  God kept my house from being sold while supernaturally providing for the house payments.  I returned home and slowly, $10 at a time, we paid our way out of debt.  There was enough and ultimately, there was more than enough.

Have you felt like you were at the end and there was no hope?  Think of the leaves and know that the supply is only limited to the season and as it cycles, there will be more than enough the next year.

I invite you to share your thoughts on the economy.

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