As the Leaves Turn . . .

back yardAs much as I love the Autumn season, it isn’t called “Fall” without cause.  This is a backyard view of our house and we have five of these large oak trees.  It requires lots of maintenance

The first few years we lived here, we raked the leaves just as we had done when we lived in Nebraska.  But the volume of leaves was never as great as it is here!  The first year we had a crisp pile of oak droppings that was almost as tall as I am – over five feet and it stretched across the back of our property.  It took a long, long time to burn them!  My belt buckle would get so hot, it almost blistered my waist.  Now, I just mulch them and we are much happier.

I like to ride the John Deere riding mower.  It makes me feel like a farmer.  Today, I got out it out and mowed the leaves.  It looks great temporarily.

Which got me to thinking about the jobs that we do.  Almost everything that we do has to be done over and over.  I make the bed every day and do the dishes.  I cook at least one meal.  We vacuum and dust the house often.  I straighten things up regularly.    Laundry is weekly.  Every year the leaves grow on the trees.  Every year the trees turn color and fall to the ground.  Every year I mow/mulch them.  Over and over and over.

What do we do that lasts?  What do we learn from the repetition?

It seems to me that repetition is a way of perfecting ourselves.  We aren’t very good when we first start out on any task.

I’d like your thoughts.

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