Weight Loss with or without Exercise!

I got a call from an old friend that  found me on Facebook.  It was great to speak with her after all these years.  She is very special to me and has a place in my heart that no one else has been able to fill.  I am very glad to hear from her.

She spent time getting re-acquainted with my life through Facebook information and found my Usana website.  She saw that I had lost quite a bit of weight and asked me about it and I told her about the Reset / Transform / Maintain program.

She had surgery on her foot and has been unable to keep in shape by running and as a result had added several unwanted pounds.  But today, the good news is, she is just two pounds away from her goal.

She did it with the Usana shakes and bars for breakfast and lunch followed by a low glycemic evening meal.  She was concerned that it wouldn’t work without exercise – but here is living proof!  She looks awesome!

Low Glycemic eating means keeping your blood sugar in a stable range like the blue dotted line on the chart.  It means that your body doesn’t get a quick pick-me-up followed by a crash!  Our Usana Nutrition products are certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation.  It is eating healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and sprouted grain bread as well as healthy oils like olive oil and virgin coconut oil.  It means that you can eat almost all fruits and vegetables and there is no portion control or calorie counting.  Yes, that is good news, but don’t over do it.  A small portion of meat, chicken or fish at each meal is great.  Great meals can be prepared using foods that are purchased in their original condition.

Processed food, sugar, most breads, high fructose corn syrup, and almost all unpronounceable additives that are designed to keep the food shelf stable and tasting like what it used to before they processed it are not on the program.  Your liver doesn’t know what to do with these concoctions and it is so busy trying to figure it out, it doesn’t have time to keep the real nutrition from turning into fat.  So, let’s be good to our liver and eat healthy.  It is a life style and not a diet!!

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