Who Wants to Fall Back??

Daylight Saving Time begins with the encouragement of “spring ahead!”  At the end of summer we are told to “fall back!” There is something about it that sounds so disheartening.  It reminds us that we are once again facing short cold days and long dark nights.  The lazy, hazy days of summer are over and soon winter will set in full on.

So, I thought I would look at what it means to ‘fall back” and reminisce a bit on the transition.  We will transition from seasons of light and warmth. It was an “est” season.  We had the wettest  May on record and the driest June.  In August, we had the hottest day ever in the Ozarks.  It was 111.4 degrees farenheit at my home.  As I think on that perhaps falling back to cooler weather, some moisture and beautiful autumn color would be a nice change.

There are many things about the season that I will miss.  Someone told the hummingbirds to head for their winter home!  They flew south in waves and by the middle of October I took the feeders down.  I still find myself looking out on the deck to see how many of the little guys are scrambling to get the choicest feeder.  I miss them.

The garden is still showing off!  The chrysanthemums are glorious.  They are at their peak.  My favorites are the bright yellow ones.  They are huge pillows in the garden and their brightness makes me smile.

Today, I picked some succulent, tasty, beautiful red tomatoes.  I clung to each one like a prize.  They were late this year because we had such a hot summer.  If the hard frost delays long enough, it will be a good harvest.  The garden is also gifting me with some swiss chard, peppers, and a couple of green onions.

The leaves have begun to fall from the five large oak trees that encircle my lawn.  Soon they will scatter their crispy color all over the lawn and mulching will not be adequate.  I see an appointment with a leaf blower in my future. And as I move into this transition, I begin to be thankful for daylight saving time and look forward to November 6.

Say, did you know that Benjamin Franklin was the first one to recommend daylight saving?  You can read his  full essay and learn his logic by clicking on his name.  It is a bit tongue in cheek but very interesting!

In deference to Benjamin, I will obediently turn back my clocks on November 6 and prepare to enjoy the upcoming season.  I will look forward to the holidays.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Christmas will be with family.  When it snows in the Ozarks, the beauty of it is breath-taking.  Soon we will be “springing ahead” and start the cycle all over again.

When I was researching for this post, I ran into a wonderful  idea about why Arizona doesn’t honor the daylight saving time as the most of the rest of the country does.  This post is from humans are lame.

Why Arizona has no Daylight Saving Time.  The state of Arizona listened to the Wise Old Indian.  When told the reason for daylight saving time the old Indian said, “Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.”

I have been through many transitions in my life and one more won’t be a problem.  So, on November 6, I will ‘fall back’ and move forward with joy!

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