The Cardinals are in the Series!

For only the second time in my life, I attended a professional baseball game this summer and as it happens, it was a St. Louis Cardinal’s game.  (The first time was over thirty-five years ago in Atlanta where I saw Hank Aaron hit a home run the year he sat the record.)  Now, here’s the thing, the mighty Cardinals actually lost this game, but it was still an awesome experience.    Now they are in the contest for the Pennant!

Cardinal Stadium it really beautiful and the seats were comfortable.  When you are over 60, this is a very important aspect of the experience.  The view I captured at the left gives you an idea of the beauty of the game.

My son-in-law and daughter are very loyal Chicago Cubs fans, but we were in St. Louis and Bill knew how to get awesome tickets!   He’s the best!

I had just gotten a new camera and was able to get some wonderful pictures with stop-action.  The one to the left was a slide into home!.  SAFE!  This post gives me a chance to show off my pictures of the Cardinals.  My favorite picture, by far, is the one of my precious daughter and her husband absorbed in the action.

 Bill is a true fan!  He has always been a participant as well, as his knees will attest.  He patiently helped me understand what was going on and bought me a tasty sandwich.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and now if they actually win the series, I may become a true baseball fan.  And besides, I have new information!  I now know what the Seventh inning stretch is.  Go Cardinals!

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