What about the Elections? Encore? No Encore?

Here I see President Obama preparing for his bow and the mystery candidate(s) standing in the wings hoping for a new cast for the upcoming drama.  The drama has many different playwrites; each with their own agenda.  We need a story line that really is simple but addresses the many  extremely complicated issues and one leader that embodies true statesmanship and not political division.

For me, it seems like it was just yesterday that I went to the polls in 2008.  So, here we are again, four years later, trying to figure out who will do the least damage to our quality of life,  as those of us who are over 50 prepare for our life encore.  We are entering a new phase and so much of what is happening seems to attempt to take away our power.  I was shocked when they recommended no longer doing PSA tests for men.  This is dangerous.  And within just a few days, they recommended that women over 60 no longer take vitamins.  I addressed this in my block about vitamins a few days ago.

The aging populations has become an issue because it is impacting the cost of government.  It is odd that they want to ask us to trust them and depend on them, but when we do, the cost becomes overwhelming.  Medicare will be out of money in 2017 and the way things are going – it will just expire – and we will be thrust into trusting ‘Obamacare‘ or another patch that will leave us wondering.  Will the next thing be to end social security?

It is key that we understand that these issues must be tackled, but we want a voice that helps make the solution real.  We can’t go on living in Wonderland thinking that this really large group can be sustained by taxing the smaller upcoming population.  The reality is we have to find answers, but none of us want it to be devastation.  If we leave it to the politicians and the media, we will get what they want and what we deserve.

In the recent presidential G.O.P. debate, one of the questioners commented that most of the money spent by medicare is in the last two years of life.  Then she asked if the candidate thought it needed to be addressed.  My take was that she thought that we ought to just be left to die.  I liked that the candidate said that he thought that we ought to be the ones making those decisions and not some committee appointed by the government.  I heartily agree!

I used to think I had all the answers about what was good for America, but all I know today is, that what a politician says to get elected, and what he/she actually does after they are in office are two different things.  I have also learned that it is not the largest demographic that gets attention but the one who makes the most noise.

Those of us over 60 have sat back respectfully, as our parents taught us.  We have trusted in a government that has not considered us because we didn’t speak up.  I know that AARP says they represent us, but it has become a large entity with its own agenda  and I question whether they really lobby for us and represent us in the best possible way.

Well, there is good news to those of us over 50!  We are a large group.  12.9% ofthe population is over 65 in the United States and the average age of our citizens is 42.  I think that says that we have not only the voting power, but we have the clout.  So, let’s pay very close attention to what each of the candidates say and what they aren’t saying.  Let’s not trust any group.  Let’s not be died-in-the-wool Democrats or Republicans.  We actually have the power and we can influence the direction of the election if we go to the polls and vote intelligently.

I can hear you saying that we don’t all agree and that is true, but also it is true of all the groups that have come together to impact the direction of our nation.  We must look to the future and think for ourselves.  The media have agenda and they work to slant our viewpoint.  For the most part, our age doesn’t make us less intelligent or less able to take up issues.  I am laying aside my old biases and opening my heart and my mind.  Also, I will spend time on my knees asking the One who knows the right answers for our nation and I will go to the polls!  Can I count on you?  Let’s join together and make a difference!  We CAN!


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