Computer joy!!!

Oh, joy!  Oh, joy!  Oh joy!!  A quick stop at the computer store and my new computer is up and running.  My ASUS is happy and so am I.  He showed me that the Network Adapter switch is on the side of the computer directly beneath the place you put the camera’s  flash card.  It seemed to me like they were related, but no!  I am now logged on and am able to access the network.  Happy! Happy!

I pride myself in being able to solve most computer problems and it is humbling to find out that I just needed to flip a tiny switch.  I read the instruction and it said to look for a switch which I did and  I even saw it but it looked like one of those you hold so that the flash card pops out.  I am so very grateful for the expertise of the computer repair guy!

This whole episode made me think about my Grandparents.  They were born in the late 1800’s and lived through many different eras.  They took a covered wagon over the plains and filed a homestead and a tree claim.  The had a mercantile store and a mill.  Later, they moved to town and grandma became the local telephone operator with long wires and requests for “Who are you calling?”  Very modern.  They lived  from horse and buggy to the moon landing and beyond.  There had to be a disconnect for them with so much change in one lifetime but you would not have known.  My Grandma was involved and unafraid.

We folks over 50 have also lived through many eras.  We have gone from penmanship to typewriters to Selectrics to huge computers with small memory onto small computers with huge memories and then to notepads with touch screens.  Every day a new device with more gadgets and multiplied capabilities.  Keeping up makes ones head spin and is next to impossible!

During the same period, I went from an old crank telephone, to a rotary dial phone, to a sleek wall phone, to push button dial phones, to huge cell phones, to tiny cell phone with blue tooth and then blackberries,  and now i-phones and droids.  I’m sure I missed a step or two, but you get the idea!

Truth is, we have perspective and must remember that just because we are not computer gurus doesn’t mean that we are without resources.  Our abilities are much broader than just computer switches.  We remember all the changes it took to get here and we are adjusting.  So, hang on and enjoy this wild ride!

One thought on “Computer joy!!!

  1. Yes, the world is changing fast. I think our grandparents saw the most change. From horse and buggy to autos to planes to telephones to man on the moon to computers everywhere. Any predictions on the next 20 years? Will they still have a little switch?

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