The Secret to Flushing Vitamins Down the Toilet

Yikes! The press is having a field day with a recent University of Minnesota study.  It warns that women over 60 may be more likely to die if they take vitamins.  Really?  What vitamins?  What combination?  What are the factors?  Are the women healthy?  How are the vitamins bound together?   Are they held together with crude oil or something that actually feeds the cell?  Are they taken in balance so they absorb together as nature intended?  Do they go straight to the toilet or do they actually feed the cell?

So many questions that were not addressed.  They did say that taking calcium may actually help.  You think?  “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  George Orwell

Every day a new study comes out and it overrides an old study.  Drink coffee, don’t drink coffee.  Don’t drink wine, drink wine!  Exercise until you are in pain – don’t exercise excessively but walk about 20 minutes.  Exercise doesn’t work unless you spend an hour – exercise can be done in 10 minute segments with the same effects.  WHAT?  So now they say vitamins don’t work for women over 60.  Do they want us to die?

I looked up the information about this on-line and it is sketchy at best.  The Council for Responsible Nutrition says, ” The study may make for interesting scientific water cooler discussion but certainly does not warrant sweeping overstated concerns for elderly women.”

So – are those of us over 60 really at risk?  Is the effectiveness of this study one that I want to trust?  They discuss multiple vitamins, iron and folic acid?  That is like a poor choice of combinations – a chemist’s mix that is certainly not well-thought-out.  Iron is difficult to digest and messes with the lower GI track and most often physicians do not recommend it.  Folic acid – without the rest of the vitamin B is unbalanced and all lack of balance is risky.  The Multiple could be poor quality and  truly unhealthy depending on the manufacturer.  It could have such a hard shell that none of the nutrients ever go into the system and are flushed out with the other toilet material.  There goes the $$$$.

So the secret to flushing vitamins down the toilet is blindly trust the manufacturer, but there is a better way.  The secret to taking healthy vitamins is to ensure that they are  pharmaceutical grade and manufactured in FDA approved environments and bound together by a patented process made from the olive fruit.  

I found these vitamins a year and a half ago.  They are USANA.  What really convinced me is that they were developed by an immunologist, Dr. Myron Wentz, who says, “We are living too short and dying too long.”  His company, Gull Laboratories, was developing virus testing kits for use by physicians.  As he began to lose family members to degenerative disease, he did research to find out what was at issue.  The cells were not being properly fed and he knew that he had the secret to keeping cells healthy and alive.

So, he sold his company and opened USANA Health Sciences.   His promise is to develop products that actually feed the cells and improve overall quality of life.  These vitamins are the Editor’s Choice and the Gold Standard in the book Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle McWilliams.  I proudly represent USANAand have seen my own health improve so that I haven’t been  sick in over a year and have the energy of someone under 50!

Therefore, eat healthy unprocessed foods, exercise, and take pharmaceutical grade vitamins.  Put away the plunger and scrubbed the toilet!  Over 60 women – rise up and live long!

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