Refections on a koi pond

I have a dear friend who has a picturesque koi pond with graceful, friendly fish.  They are bit like puppies and some will even eat out of my hand.  The pond is a riot of color with beautiful unusual water  lilies.  Everything in the vicinity is teeming with life.  The peace that is there is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden.

When I was a girl, my grandparents lived on a farm that had a wonderful creek and a babbling cold spring that fed into it.  It had cut a narrow canyon that my granddad called ‘Dead Man’s Gulch.’  It was a sun-dappled area that had large fallen trees that had made bridges across the small stream.  When we would go visit or I would get to stay for the summer, it was my favorite place to be.  Things were different then as there was no television to keep us away from times of reflection and meditation.

When I was privileged to visit, I would run to the front door, kiss Grandma and turn and hit the gate to the pasture.  I would make the mile run to the cold spring.  I would quickly go to my favorite fallen tree and sit there and ponder.  Sometimes I would sing – sometimes sit quietly and listen.  Always I would dream of the future – of romance, of places that I wanted to go and things I planned to do as I got older.  It was a precious time and one I think of often.

Today,our home has a wonderful deck that looks out over the beautiful Ozarks.  Early in the morning, I can see the mist rising from Bull Shoals Lake.  It is a place where I do Bible Study and visit with friends.  The hummingbird feeders in the summer are busy they keep me entertained.  I have a wonderful fountain that makes the babbling sound so reminiscent of the cold spring.  It has become my sanctuary.  Yet, too often, I allow television to keep me inside watching other people make money – and fill me with ideas that I am certain I would not have thought had I retired to the deck.

Visiting the koi pond is such an awesome experience that I wish were available to me everyday.  My friend lives five hours away and I know how much work it has taken for her to build this incredible haven.  The maintenance alone is all-consuming but for her, it is a labor of love.  One that gives her joy and at the end of the day, she walks out her solarium door and moves to the edge of the pond.  There she sits and soaks in the tranquil sound of the water watching the slow dancing movements of her pet koi.

Today, lets shut off the television, the radio, and the noise of the world, and find our own refuge.  Sit for a spell and contemplate beauty.  Once again we will let the peace wash over us like I loved doing as a kid.  I’ll meet you there!

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