Computers! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!

When I visited my daughter recently, my son-in-law helped me buy a new computer. When I got home, it worked great . . . until tonight and now it doesn’t recognize my wireless connection. It has for about six weeks, and so I want to know what is so different about tonight?

I am not a kid – if I was, it would have been fixed by now and I would be happily sending Facebook wall posts and tweets! Instead, I am struggling. It is some comfort to know that I am not alone, because when I went to Google images to find a picture, there were over 100 ‘computer frustration’  images.

I bought two years help from the place that sold the computer and if it is like my last computer help  source, I can plan on spending about half-a-day getting it to work like it did just a few hours ago.

These are the challenges that keep me alive. I know that I will overcome with their help, but it would be nice if I had been able to figure it out on my own! Being 68 – going on 69 has its upside but tonight, I wish I was about 14! This issue would seem like a no brainer.  I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could but I wasn’t able to. Bummer!

For now, I will go to bed remembering that this too shall pass! That is good news and something to cling to in this age of electronics, new computers, I-pads and phones with screens that move faster than my eyes blink.

Good night, dear friend.  I hope the dreams are sweet and not images of computer messages that tell me what isn’t working  but not how to fix it!! 

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