Gardening in your gut!

My friend Judy is a consumate gardener.  Her backyard is a mixture of bird houses, bird feeders and unusual containers for her flowers and plants.  One of my favorites is the boot.  She   We have spent many happy hours on her patio watching the birds and enjoying the mass of color from her flower varities.  Last year she gave me a boot of my own and I put succulents in it and it is a  fun addition to my garden!  She was my very first friend when we moved into the subdivison.

So, the day my phone rang and Judy sounding worried said, “Kathy, please pray for me.  I am on my way to the hospital.  I passed out again.”  This has become a common occurence for her and the hospital has become her alternate address recently.

“Judy, please have Gary call me and let me now how you are.”  My heart was heavy and I sought the Lord again for her quick recovery.  Judy has had cancer, fibromialgia, tumors in her head, – the list goes on and on.  A couple of years ago she had brain surgery.  I know any issue with her can be serious.

It was a few days before she came home and was really able to sit up and visit.  The myriad of afflictions have left her dizzy and unstable.  When she mixes with crowds the movement overwhelms her.  This time she had a new symptom, her stomach was constantly hurting and she got little relief from the doctors recommendations.

“This never seems to end!” she exclaimed.  “The one thing that I have been able to enjoy is food and now even that is an issue!”

“I know you love gardening and your garden outside is beautiful.  We have a garden of healthy bacteria in our insides that needs maintenance as well.  All of your issues seem to have upset your internal flora.  Consider taking probiotics, digestive enzymes and a liver detox product to balance out the cocktail of drugs that you have in your system.”

Judy smiled.  “I have seen the difference in you, Kathy,” she said, “You have more energy and there is a sparkle in you eyes that wasn’t there before. I guess your internal garden is flourishing!”

“It’s true.  I have never felt better and I believe it is the high quality of these products.  I have taken vitamins all my life and it never seemed to make a difference but with Usana, my health and my outlook have improved.”

While visiting with Judy, we explored options.She signed up for the multiple vitamins, and the other suggested products to help her digestion.  I was concerned that a person with that many health issues and a number of perscription drugs might not have a positive result.

I stopped by a few weeks later and found Judy was working in her garden    I always enjoy seeing what she has found that is new.  Her latest addition is an old mailbox they found near the creek on a drive in our beautiful Ozarks.  It is filled with petunias and open enough for the colors to wash down over the side.  It gives a new meaning to the saying”You’ve got mail!”

We sat in her swing on the patio and watched the hummingbirds and pileated woodpeckers feast on her provisions.  We chatted comfortably.  I asked her, “How are you doing?  You look like you feel better.”

“The products from Usana have made such a difference.  My gut is my friend again. ”

“Wonderful!  I am so happy that they helped you.”

Now, I know that good health comes from keeping your cells in a healthy environment but to see such a difference in a person with so many issues was a wonderful result!!

We resumed chatting about the garden and I went home glad and encouraged that I had found such amazing products.

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