Eat, Drink and be Merry – so we live well and long!!

What does it take to truly be healthy
and stay healthy as we start aging?

I am a feisty 68-year-old!! I want to have life in every moment! Sitting around is not my style. So, I want to be healthy and stay healthy. My style has always been to do a lot of research. I was the first non-medical person in my city to have Lamaze childbirth. My babies were breast-fed when that was not a popular notion. I could go on and on. So today my quest is to find a way to stay healthy until I leave this life not because I get sick, but because Father calls me home to heaven.

With that in mind, I did some research on the web. An article on WebMD tells of a survey that shows that not smoking, exercise, healthy diet and moderate drinking cuts the risk of early death. I agree and think that is great! Anyone interested in health is aware that not smoking is a huge key and for years we have heard about exercise. Drinking is interesting and the studies say that it has a cardio-protective benefit by raising good HDL cholesterol and other health markers. But it is important to note that this  is only one small-sized drink for women and up to two small ones for men.  So, I don’t smoke and alcohol is not a factor in my liquid intake. I have an occasional glass of wine in a social setting. Exercise is something I know to do, but I have problems with consistency.

The part of the survey that I think is the most confusing is healthy eating.  What exactly is that? Almost all magazines have articles about how to lose weight and eat healthy and none of them agree. TV has warnings about lettuce and now even cantaloupes. (Yikes! Cantaloupe and salad are supposed to be safe!!) This doesn’t even take into consideration the articles about the problems with our food supply and the movie Food Inc..

Wise health gurus tell us that we should eat around the outside of the grocery store because processing reduces the value to our bodies and puts in chemicals and other mystery additives they promise are safe. All of this makes me wish we I had paid better attention in science classes.

I believe that the survey should have majored on the importance of building a strong immune system and develop a healthy outlook on life. I take pharmaceutical grade vitamins to build immunity and spend time with Father God and laugh with good friends to keep my outlook positive.

So, dear ones, what works for you?  I have found Usana Health Sciences to be trustworthy.

na Health Sciences to be trustworthy.

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