Open Letter to the over 50 crowd

Dear retirees and retiree wannabe’s,

Are you frustrated with the direction of the economy?

I thought when I retired, it would be like my Mom and Dad’s easy transition to enjoying life.  They bought a big RV and took to the open road.  They maintained their home, paid their taxes and enjoyed their family.  Dad did a little hobby working repairing vacuum cleaners and Mom did some crafting and she sold her creations to the camping club.  They enjoyed their lives until Dad’s emphysema caught up with them.  Mom has since maintained an excellent quality of life.

My retirement began three years ago and moved to a more tax friendly, lower cost of living area.  I thought there would be no problems with the money that we had saved.  I must confess that I put too much trust in the social security system and the government provided health care.  Now, I am looking for solutions.

 Here’s the thing, I didn’t plan on the changes in the value of the dollar. I love to feed the birds and this year a 50 bag of black oil sunflower seed cost more than twice as much as it did last year. Sugar has gone up more than double as well.

The hummingbirds are fun to watch as they argue over feeding rights. To me they have become a parable of congress.  There is plenty for everyone, but they fight over it and in the fighting it seems that there is not enough for anyone.

So, what shall we do?  I have some thoughts, but I would like to hear yours.



P. S. Do you think the over 50 crowd still has a voice??

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