Hello World!! We are the encore now generation. Take a bow!

It seems like everyone wants to get a piece of the Babyboomer generation and
also of those of us who are even older. There are many talking about seniors
and aging, insurance, nursing homes and assisted living. I don’t know about you  but I really feel that I am more than just a demographic.

I have a friend who understands all the different generations and even makes presentations to corporations about how to manage each of them.

Well, dear friend, when we were younger, we didn’t need to be managed – we  knew we had to work and we did. Now a lot of places don’t want to hire us – but  there are some who do – but I guess I think there is a better path for us than  being a greeter at “Wally World!” We are valuable and knowledgeable. We have so  much to offer.

Personally, I want to do meaningful things and be involved in something that  is making a difference – so while I am still prospering in my “earth suit,” I  want to be involved and living life. Fully! So, I am! I hope you are too!“

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